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Alloy saw blade

Product description
Product parameters

First, the function: the use of imported tools, steel processing for the matrix, Luxembourg alloy head.Sharp and durable save material, improve efficiency, smooth surface cutting.Second, used in the square, round wood cutting equipment: multi-saw, splitting machineThird, the teeth suitable for cutting materials: solid wood hardwood, wet materialFourth, tooth type: left and right teeth (alternate teeth), flat teethFifth, with a scraper: cooling holes and thermal expansion slot, or design a number of scraper, in order to achieve better cooling effect, so that the chip is more smooth.

In addition, according to the requirements of customers, we can design and manufacture all kinds of special carbide saw blades and provide refurbishing and grinding of saw blades.

As the name implies, multiple saw blades are saw blades that are installed together with multiple blades, typically alloy saw blades.

Multi-blade saw blades are generally used for the processing of wood, such as: Chinese fir, poplar, pine, oak, imported timber and miscellaneous wood. They are widely used in round wood processing, keel processing, furniture production and other industries, simple multi-sawGenerally, 3-6 blades can be installed. Large-scale multi-saws can even install 40 or more blades, which greatly improves the work efficiency of workers.Multi-blade saw blades generally have a certain number of heat-dissipation holes and thermal expansion grooves, or a plurality of scrapers are designed to achieve better heat dissipation effects and make the chips more smooth.

Detailed parameters
Equipment total poer:
Saw blade diameter:
Minimum processing diameter:
Maximum pocessing diameter:
Effective sawing width:
Pocessing length:
Feeding speed:
Cooling mode:
Equipment quality:
Outer dimension:

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