How to do a good job in the development of agricultural and rural economy with round wood multi-saw

The development of round log multi-saw in our province should adapt to the new requirements of agricultural and rural economic development, and change the development mode of agricultural machinery, from the increase of agricultural machinery equipment and the number of agricultural machinery operations to the equal emphasis on quantity, quality and efficiency;

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What are the differences and advantages between domestic saw and foreign saw

The quality of the multi-blade saw blade in the passage plays a vital role, because we all know that the adjustment and rotation of the multi-blade saw blade of woodworking machinery not only transfers the cutting force, but also maintains the stability of the work.


The quality and thickness of the multi-blade saw blade play an important role in the plate

In theory, we hope that the thinner the saw blade is, the better the thickness of the saw blade. The saw gap is actually a kind of consumption. The material of the alloy saw blade base and the process of manufacturing the saw blade determine the thickness of the saw blade. The thickness is too thin.