Main reasons for burning saw blades with multiple saws

Users of the multi-blade saw all felt that the saw blade consumption of the multi-blade saw was too large, and the main reason was the burning of the saw blade. What is the reason for burning the saw blade?

1. The improper overall design of the multi-blade saw is the main reason, such as the box is not vertical to the beam, the upper and lower saw blades are not evenly fed, the feeding speed is not uniform, the material is not stable, and the wood is easy to swing.

2. The overall performance of the saw blade is unstable and the quality is unqualified. Including: the material of the steel blade and alloy head of the saw blade is poor, easy to deform and unfavourable to cut the pin; The ratio of saw blade to steel blade is incorrect, etc.

3. The model of saw blade is incorrect. Different wood materials must use different saw blades. The wood material has long fiber and good toughness. For example, poplar, the saw blade with less teeth, deep chip removal hole and large proportion of saw blade to steel blade shall be selected; The wood material is short in fiber and brittle in toughness. For example, if it is shaped like Chinese fir, the saw blade with more teeth, shallow chip removal hole and small proportion of saw blade to steel blade shall be selected. It depends on the material of the wood.

4. Pay attention to the amount of cooling water to ensure it is not blocked.

5. The reason for the operation of the staff, combined with the feeding speed, is to put the materials reasonably, so as to achieve the slow feeding of large-diameter and hardwood materials.