Introduction of table saw

The main machine part of the sliding table saw includes the machine body, working table, longitudinal and transverse section guide plate, main saw, scoring saw, transmission and other parts.


Five points need to be noted when sawing logs

Multi-blade saw uses high-speed rotating saw blades to cut wood. The corresponding rows of saw blades up and down can cut multiple specifications of wood at one time.


Brief introduction to the shape of multiple saws of square wood

The tooth shape of multi-blade saw blade is generally left and right alternating teeth, and a few small diameter saw blades are also designed as flat teeth.


What is the main structure of the round log sliding table saw?

The main machine part of the log sliding table saw includes the bed, workbench, longitudinal section channel, main saw, dotted line saw, electric and other parts. The structure and working principle are similar to the ordinary circular saw blade, which can be used as an ordinary circular saw alone.


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